I never forget the days when everyone posed for a family photo and a little boy was scared beyond imagination. That “little boy” was me- Babak Tehrani. I admit that is an unconventional way to introduce myself but it was how it all started- “Turning a Fear into Passion”.

When I received my first gift camera from my aunt, I started experimenting- taking photos of almost everything I could point my camera to. By profession, I happened to be an auditor as I needed money to live by. The job involved a lot of travelling so I made most of it and carried my camera taking a lot of photos. At first, I shared my collections with friends and professionals online and received comments and feedbacks which I took to my advantage.

Now with over 10 years of experience, I have the feeling that photography has taught me how to “look” at the world not just “see”. I have tried my hands at different genres such as advertising, luxurious, conceptual, documentary and street photography. My works have also been on display at different competitions and exhibits around the world and I have won some awards. I am here to share what I see worth sharing with you.

I would like to express my appreciation to: Pourya Farabifar, Sasan Fasaiian and Hesam Rahmani